mandag 19. oktober 2009

In English, please!!

This post is to all the people we have met already and hopefully will meet over the next months. As the rest of the blog is in Norwegian, we will now try to teach you a few words, so you at least can find our photos.


Hello - Hei
Good bye - Hade
Please - Vær så snill
Picture galleries - Bildegallerier (Look for it under Kategorier, right side)
Movies - Filmer (Look for it under Kategorier, right side)
I Love poop - Jeg elsker bæsj
I want the fridge to stand in the corner - Jeg vil at kjøleskapet skal stå i hjørnet
Thats ridicules - Det er tåpelig

If there anything else you don´t understand, just e-mail us. You can find our adresses on this page up in the right corner.

1 kommentar:

  1. ahhhwwww! i love how you put "i love poop" and "that's ridiculous" here!

    miss you and hope to catch up with you guys somewhere next year!!!